About Deep Wood Brew Products, LLC

Deep Wood Brew Products, LLC is a family owned small business made up of home brewers wanting to provide the safest way to ferment and bottle home brew.

Have you ever been nervous when handling a glass carboy whether it was empty or full? Have you ever accidently dropped your carboy and watched it shatter? What about a glass beer bottle or growler? Here is an interesting fact, when a 5 gallon glass carboy is full of wort, the glass carboy weighs over 50 pounds. Throughout the years over the beer forums we often read how people have accidently dropped a full carboy, and it explodes into pieces and in some cases cause severe injuries with deep cuts and severed tendons. It only takes one time and then it could be too late. We realize everyone wants to get the most for their hard earned dollar. Our products may seem like they are expensive at first glance, however, please look at the safety and longevity of our top quality products. Have you ever heard of the phrase "Better to be Safe than Sorry"? 

Through an extensive amount of research Deep Wood Brew Products teamed up with a manufacturing company and developed a line of stainless steel fermenters called the "Cavern". Our number one commitment is to provide the home brewers a compact stainless steel fermenter with safety being the first and foremost at the lowest cost possible. Also, we wanted to provide the home brewer with the option of storing their brew in stainless steel 12 oz. bottles, 32 oz. bottles, 64 oz. growlers. Not only do these bottles and growlers look cool but also can keep your beer colder and fresher longer with absolutely no light infiltration. The benefits of using stainless steel are endless and here are just a few to mention: very easy to clean, light weight, compact, and shatter proof!

Deep Wood Brew Products, LLC is dedicated to providing both quality and safety to your home brewing experience!!