6 gal Stainless Steel Carboy - (2 Ports) Maximize

6 gal Stainless Steel Carboy - (2 Ports)

6 Gallon Cavern is a stainless steel carboy style fermentor for home brewing. 

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Our 6 Gallon Cavern is a stainless steel carboy style fermentor, is unlike anything on the market today. Quite simply, we've designed the best looking, safest and most convenient stainless steel carboy style fermentor you'll find anywhere! After all the hard work you put into perfecting your craft beer, your home brew deserves to ferment in style and our cavern is the perfect solution. Its solid stainless steel design keeps light out while providing an optimal fermentation environment.

In addition to its elegant design, the "Cavern" is the safest alternative to the common glass carboy. We've been involved in the home brewing community for years and we've heard all the horror stories. Dropped carboys that shatter, injuries, explosions, wort stained carpet, we've heard them all! That's why we designed the "Cavern", a stainless steel carboy style fermentor that is virtually indestructible! Stainless steel is lighter than glass and the attached handles make it convenient to carry. This stainless steel "Cavern" is the last fermentor you'll ever need to buy!

As if appearance and safety aren't enough, convenience puts the "Cavern" over the top! How would you like to boil, cool your wort, pitch your yeast and ferment all in a single container? Our stainless steel carboy style fermentor makes that entirely possible. Remove the plastic ring and this fermentor can be placed right on the stove! Our design also makes cleaning and sanitizing simple because you can reach your hands right inside.

Are you ready to "Put Your Beer Where the Sun Doesn't Shine"?
Order your "Cavern" Stainless Steel Fermentor Today!

DIMENSIONS: 14" x 12" dia
VOLUME:  6 gallons with plenty of room to ferment 5 ½ gallons.
PORTS: 1/2" npt
WEIGHT: 8 lbs

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6 gal Stainless Steel Carboy - (2 Ports)

6 gal Stainless Steel Carboy - (2 Ports)

6 Gallon Cavern is a stainless steel carboy style fermentor for home brewing. 

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Michael Czernicki


My wife got one of these for me last Christmas and I'm on my 4th brew using it. This thing is phenomenal. Very easy to handle, even full and the ports have let me install a bulkhead valve and dip tube for easier bottling. The compact size is also a perfect fit for the mini-fridge I have set up as a fermentation chamber. Cleanup is easy too. i can see another one of these in my future.

rusty shackleford


Recently picked one up from my local brew shop after being on the fence about it for a while. I wish I had bought it sooner. This is hands down the best fermenter I've ever used. I added a 6" thermowell so that I could control fermentation temps more precisely.

Tom V


Wow!!! I am totally impressed with the functionalty of this fermenter. Two months ago I purchased 2 of these 6 gallon fermenters. I just racked off the second batch with outstanding results! The handles make carrying up the stairs extermely easy. I would recommend this to my brew buddies anyday!



I've used this for a few brews now and am very pleased with it.
On the early version I had the lid didn't seal well and the valve fitting weeped a little at the o-ring.
Kevin replaced the lid gasket with a fat o-ring and also sent me a different washer for the valve.
So now I am a happy camper.
Although I never broke a glass carboy, it slipped a couple times so having handles on the Cavern along with the weight difference is fantastic.

Trevor Funk


Just received my cavern in the mail today! Came well packaged and arrived quickly even to Western Canada! (despite short delay due to weather). I have not Brewed yet, but have washed and water tested. The seals all appear sound with no leaks. Unsure of previous review stating it was thin metal and slightly morphed when full. I have not observed this at all (and almost didn't buy it... Good thing I did!).

Bought this after slipping on my driveway and dropping a brand new glass carboy... No more!

Can't wait to brew my first batch with this carboy. So far I give it my recommendation.



Bought this mainly for the dual use as fermenter and pot to heat sparge/strike water. I love the idea and it works good but is not perfect. Here are my main concerns:
1. The material is very thin and feels flimsy. When carrying the full fermenter it will slightly morph. Using thicker metal would definitely improve this product.
2. The provided plugs (and the separately available valve) are a pain to get to seal the holes. Applying PTFE tape is a must but that might introduce contamination.
3. The screw-on lid can also be a difficult to get on.

Other than that it is a good product and I will get a lot of use out of it, hopefully.



Excellent product as well as customer service! Thanks!

Vuillemot Eric


This is so much better than a plastic bucket. I highly recommend this for brewing!

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