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Deep Wood Brew Products is rebranding as ManCan Universe, LLC. To kick off our re-branding please check out our new website for more details.



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First, I would personally like to say thank you for all of your support throughout the past two and half years we have been in business. Without your loyalty we would not be where we are today. 
I am writing you today to tell you the great news! Deep Wood Brew Products is rebranding as ManCan Universe, LLC. To kick off our re-branding celebration we are launching our first ever Kickstarter campaign on May 12th. Please check out our new website for more details.
On May 12th we will also be presenting our ManCan 128
through our Kickstarter campaign for the first time ever! 
Yes this can be your very own
 one gallon personal keg system!  
Join the ManCan Revolution Today!   

Kevin Lehman

Join the ManCan Revolution and discover the true craft beer experience..
  • Weight: lbs
  • Height inches
  • Width inches
  • Diameter 5 1/4 inches
  • Price: $34.50

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Deep Wood Brew Products is rebranding as ManCan Universe, LLC. To kick off our re-branding please check out our new website for more details.



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cool growler



This thing is the greatest.

Warning! Do not take it to your local growler fill station if you are shy and do not wish others' attention and do not wish to engage in conversation.
Why? Because it is a tremendous attention getter and everyone will ask you about the great little thing.

It's fantastically functional and I just ordered two more.

I did modify mine in one significant way, however.
I tend to like Imperial Stouts and Barleywines and the like. Consequently, I do a lot of small pours and the brew goes flat as it would with any growler.
My solution…I drilled a 1/2 inch hole in the top and installed a ball valve from a plumbing store. I can do innumerable small pours by inverting it and opening the valve allowing zero oxygen in and, best part, I can force re-carbonate it with a little pocket CO2 charger that takes the 16gm cartridges.

These things are great.

One last thought. They actually hold about 70 oz. but look the size of a 32 oz. growler due to the very thin walls compared to the thick glass of most growlers. I actually had to argue a couple of time with the growler fillers who wanted to charge me for only 32 oz. I'm honest and want to keep them (Big Hops San Antonio, superlatives!) in business for purely selfish motives!!!

John Lawrence


I bought 2 of these with the charging and serving lid at the NHC last June. They are great! The best thing is you can keep your beer on CO2 or recharge flat beer.

Eric Brady


I bought these to use for traveling with water and not using plastic. After much comparison with other products these were determined to be the best. Others may be nice too but they do not use a stainless steel lid and customers complained of their breakage, the lids on these are super strong as is the rest of the unit. A point I have not seen elsewhere is these mini kegs are stackable, they are slightly recessed on the bottom, I bought four.... may have to use one for beer and the rest for water...



I just had to post another review about this growler. At first I wasn't sure pouring would be easy. However, its extermely easy to pour from! Great Job Guys!! Love Your Products!!



Love this little growler.

A major mod made it perfect.

I drilled a 1/2 hole in the cap and fitted it with a stopcock.

Previously I would do 3-4 small 6oz pours and the brew from the local growler station was pretty much flat.

Now, with my closed-system stopcock I can pour as many small aliquots as I please and it's still drinkably carbonated.
Found the valve at a local hardware store. Did trash a couple of bits drilling the stainless, however.

Icing on the cake is the celebrity status I get with a stainless mini-keg growler when most patrons have flip-top glass.
Great little thing!!!



Along with my 2 6packs I purchased one of these keg growlers. This growler is extermely solid and looks sweet.

Ryan Kahler


These little guys are AWESOME!! I cant wait to condition in them. eventually i will use them as "growlers" but for now im going to bottle in them.
Deep Woods has excellent customer service and shipped my order same day.



Just received my order today. These growlers are nice and compact especially compared to my glass growlers. I can't believe they hold 2 Liters, but after measuring the liquid that it can hold I'm convinced. Would love to see a cap for these with a keg post for carbonating and dispensing. I look forward to purchasing more products soon! The dimensions are roughly 6.5" H x 5.5" W

Darren A.


This is really a good looking bottle. Nice quality -- good heavy stainless steel. I ordered mine with the gas post so I can give the beer a little charge. Love it. Thanks.

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